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When the weather’s rough and it’s too dark by the time you punch out of work, join your teammates in a world filled with dinosaurs, mountains, volcanos and other such delights. In inclement weather months, we meet at least once a week for a virtual ride on Zwift and chat by voice on Discord. It helps us stay together as a team when we can’t ride together due to weather, or, you know, global pandemics. Occasionally we pick a topic to focus on - such as keeping hips mobile, or what’s coming up at the next Cross race, but often we just banter about what’s going on that day. Team members have also joined while stretching, riding on TrainerRoad, or cooking, just so they don’t miss out on the chatter.
We also race virtually - the Sweatfest series or WTRL team trial are a fun way to hone your fitness even when you can’t make it outside. We use Discord to gasp/pant at each other and talk strategy. Join us - you’ve been warned, it’s addicting!

Discipline Leaders:

Currently self-orgazined

Interested in Joining?

We accept members of all skill levels and all disciplines. Egencia riders enjoy a supportive group with many activities as well as race reimbursements and Category 1/2 incentives.  We also get support from our partners which includes discounts on equipment and services.

The only requirements to be part of the team are an annual fee, purchase of one kit per year and volunteer at one of our designated races.

- Race reimbursements
- Gear & services discounts
- Training clinics
- Supportive teammates
- Loud cheering
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